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Abstracts Articulate provides high-quality manuscript services, medical and health writing and proof-reading services for a range of professionals. Ease your workload and let us help you grow the profile of your business.


Manuscript writing 

Manuscript writing services allow you to leave the writing of your next academic publication in professional hands while still giving you control over the content and scope of the manuscript.

Features include:

- a full review of source documents, literature, clinical information or data as provided by the primary author

- discussions on a suitable structure and outline for the completed work

- agreed timelines for drafts of all or part of the manuscript

- ad-hoc changes based on follow-up discussions once first drafts have been submitted (optional add-on by agreement)

For a list of previous publications, see here.

This service is not intended for university/ TAFE/ school assignments or essays. For this please see copy-editing or proof-reading services. Also stay tuned for writing tutorials coming soon.


Medical and Health writing

  • News (for medical professionals & the general public)
  • Clinical guidelines and protocols
  • Feature articles (for medical professionals &  the public)
  • Patient information and product information
  • Website, blog and social media content
  • Brochures and newsletters


Copy editing & Proof reading

Copy editing - For nearly complete documents that require a little extra finesse, this service provides more than just the basic spelling and grammar check. 

Features include:

- a comprehensive review to assess the overall syntax and ensures smooth readability

- suggestions of re-organisation or changes to structure and content

- for academic journal submissions, the draft can be assessed and edited according to the journal's guidelines 

- for WHS documentation, the draft can be assessed and edited according to comply with relevant legislation.

Proof reading - Mainly a correction service to determine if typographic or major syntactical errors exist.

Features include:

- checking for  spelling errors

- grammar and syntax correction

- minor editorial suggestions at sentence level

These services are available for a variety of document types.


Charges are based on time spent and complexity. 

For an indication of charges associated with manuscript writing projects please contact me. These projects require more detailed review in order to correctly assess their size and complexity and to provide a meaningful timeline and schedule of services to address your requirements. Therefore each request for full manuscript writing will be evaluated and quoted separately.

Peace-of-mind guarantee

Some projects may evolve during the course of the work and decisions about whether more hours should be allocated to a project, or more comprehensive services are required can be discussed and quoted accordingly. However, you can rest assured that Abstracts Articulate will honour the original quote provided at the time of registering your enquiry and provide the services agreed upon as a first priority. Any new suggestions can be considered and booked as a separate project if you deem them suitable.  Your quote will not change without your prior approval. No work will start prior to confirmation being received on the quote. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a writing project, just ask us here